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Beach Steps

Please find below a timeline showing the issues and events which have affected the beach access over the past two years.

This gives full details of everything, a copy of this will be sent to all owners within the next


Beach Steps – Events from August 2020 – August 2022

August 2020 - Civil Engineering Consulting company appointed to inspect condition of steps

September 2020 – Consultants first visit

October/November 2020 – Further investigatory works including trying to establish the depth the main structural support legs are currently in the beach/cliff face.

24th December 2020 (Xmas Eve)– Cliff Fall with debris landing on the middle platform.

26th December 2020 (Boxing Day) – Park Warden, Maintenance Manager and Park Manger visiting the steps and erecting temporary barrier and signage to close due to the cliff fall for the safety of owners and general public.

31st December 2020 – Park reported to the North Norfolk Council by a local resident for closing the beach access.

January 2021 – Cliff Fall reported to the consulting company and further photos sent at their request to establish structural integrity of the steps.

February 2021 – After further discussions with the park owner’s agreement to strengthen the corner of the platform of the steps and remove the debris. Sleepers etc ordered and delivered to the park.

March 2021 – Further movement noted above the steps and around the drainage manhole at the edge of the cliff.

14th April 2021 – Report received from consulting company, insert from final report:

“It is our recommendation that the steps are not used for the foreseeable future. This comment is made based on the clear evidence that the supporting cliff face is prone to sudden failure and that, the recent collapses have vindicated this position. We see it unlikely that this position will change and that we recommend further alternatives are considered, to provide access to the beach”

May 2021 – Contact with Coastal Management at North Norfolk District Council – visited the steps. Explained the cliff fall was due to surface water coming out the cliff above the steps. Advice regarding sumps to help direct the water either side of the steps. Advised contacting a further contractor for a second opinion.

June 2021 – Well respected Marine Civil Engineering company who have worked on the Cromer Pier was asked to visit the site - They agreed with structural engineering report and outlined further issues including the danger of working underneath the current cliff face. Outlined either side of the steps has overhanging areas which may slip soon – confirmed the steps should remain closed.

June 2021 – Further local construction company have surveyed the area around the steps including using drones and various trial pits etc. They agree with the other reports and feel the area around the steps is incredibly unstable and part of the steps structure is supporting part of the cliff. Movement of the steps structure noted at the bottom section.

August 2021 – Further discussions and request for advice from consulting company about the possibility of replacement steps – CCTV of current drainage around the cliff edge requested.

Sept/Oct 2021 – CCTV of drainage system for the whole park carried out.

Oct 2021 – During heavy rainfall the bridge at the front of the park flooded. We also noted water running out of the cliff edge above the steps.

Oct 2021 – We have since found out surface water drainage has been re-routed further inland and is now be directed through the stream of the park. The excess water is also seeping through the land and out of the cliff face in various places but is mainly affecting the area around the pond and steps.

Oct 2021 – Park owners advised of the position regarding the surface water and report regarding the dangers of some plots close to the cliff edge.

Nov/Dec/January – during the winter months the area is inspected, and further surface water and small cliff falls are noted along the park’s coastline.

March 2022 – Camping plot moved due to cliff fall

April 2022 – Beeston Hall School and Parish Council contacted regarding the re-routing of the drainage and agreement to create pond area in two sections to slow the flow of surface water.

June 2022 – Inspection from North Norfolk Council, they have highlighted a few things we need to change. We must remove some caravans from the cliff edge around the steps area due to concern of further cliff erosion. This was carried out with a plan to relocate one of the units and a plan moving forward to comply with Health and Safety guidelines.

July 2022- Concern raised regarding individuals climbing over the fence and using the steps. Contractor quoted for removing the steps to stop further use. The steel sections cannot be removed due to supporting the cliff face but will look to remove wooden sections in due course.

Aug 2022 – Contractor organised to extend the pipework for the overflow of the pond as current pipe no longer effective and may cause further erosion.


Taking all the events into account the park owners have no plans to repair or renew the steps.

This is based on the condition of the cliff along the park’s coastline and for the heath and safety of all customers and visitors to the park.

We have no further information to give.