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Summer 2015 | What's On in Cromer

CROMER CARNIVAL 1st to 19th August 2015

(See  www.cromercarnival.co.uk  for detailed information)

1st  to 17th  August 2015 

Spot What’s Odd – Window Competition   

Entry forms available from local shops.


3rd to 7th August                2015     

Childrens Week One - Various games, sports and competitions


10th to 14th August 2015

Childrens Week Two - Various games, sports and competitions


15th to 21st August 2015

Competitions, games and fun events, all day, every day


19th August 2015

Carnival Day



Amazona Zoo is one of the country’s most unique and fun days out where families can discover South African wildlife.

The Zoo is home to over 200 tropical animals, including Jaguars, Monkeys, Snakes, Tapirs, Flamingos and other birds including a newly acquired Toucan. 

There are at least four “Feed the Animal events”  a day, with jaguar and pumas on alternate days.  High lights include a Feline Forest with Ocelot, Pumas and Jaguar; a Tropical House with Spectacled Caiman, Anaconda Snake and Iguanas; Chilean Flamingos and South African wildfowl. 

In addition discover Amazon Parrots, a Toucan, Macaws, Squirrel Monkeys, Red Legged Seriema and Geoffroys  Spider Monkeys! 

A creepy, crawly Spider House with five varieties of tarantula, a Guinea Pig Village, and much more.



Hire a canoe or Zorb on water – give it a try!



Design, create and paint onto ceramics, T shirts, canvases or wooden shapes.  When finished ceramic items will be glazed and fired, becoming food safe and dishwasher tolerant.  All paints are non toxic, so ideal for creating beautiful keepsakes of babies feet and or hand prints.  Alternatively, have a go at decopatching or jewellery making, or just have a cuppa.  Suitable for all ages, absolutely no artistic talent required.



The RNLI Lifeboat Station welcomes visitors who would like to have a look and learn about the station, crew and lifeboat.  Kids will love it as there is the chance to get involved by dressing up in crew kits, using flags and equipment, plus toys to find out about the station and what they do.  You can also walk alongside the Tamar class lifeboat.



There is a purpose built 500 meter tarmac all weather circuit and 200cc Honda powered Biz Evo 2 karts.  The staff are friendly and professional and good with kids.




This little gem of a country house is full of surprises and has a wonderful homely feel to it.  Inside the rooms are full of antiques, tapestries and paintings and the rooms are laid up as they would have been used including the dining table laid up for dinner and the kitchen ready to be used.  There is also plenty to be explored outside in the beautiful formal gardens and estate including the amazing keep for the chickens.  Make sure you pick up the children’s guide before you make your way round.



Bring the family here to see one of the largest collections of magic memorabilia in the world!  The exhibition is full of fascinating information and you can see a reproduction of Harry Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Tank and the first published material on conjuring (from 1584).  You will also see live magic demonstrations and there are children’s activities, photo opportunities and lots more.  There is a shop where you can buy magic tricks and gifts.



This quirky place has plenty of feather friends for you to meet.  You can meet some owls you have heard of,  and some that you may not have.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you with any questions that you might have and you can arrange to hold the birds.  The centre is really near the lighthouse and beach, which means you can make it a whole days worth of entertainment.



Open every Sunday in August, plus Sat 1st and Mon 31st – 11am to  4pm

This landmark lighthouse is the oldest working light in East Anglia, and the only independently run lighthouse in Great Britain.  Built in 1790, originally one of a pair, the tower is 85ft tall and the lantern is 134ft above sea level.  The ‘low light’, which was discontinued in 1883, was 20ft lower and the pair formed leading lights marking safe passage around the southern end of the treacherous Haisborogh Sands.  Today the lighthouse is painted white with three red bands, and has a light charcteristic of Fl (3) W 30s (3 white flashes, repeated every 30 seconds) with a range of 18 miles.

Saved as a working light by the local community, it is maintained and operated entirely by voluntary contributions.